Representation in banking litigation for receivables amounting 31 million euro

Foreclosure procedure in the petroleum & gases domain for receivables amounting to 18 million euro

Recovery of bank receivables amounting to approximately 240 million ron representing 5.500 debtors

Clients from utilities, energy & natural gas domain amounting to approximately 114 million ron representing 23.000 debtors


Expertise domains

  • Commercial disputes
  • The law of commercial companies
  • The law of contracts
  • Legal recovery of debts, at the national level
  • Insolvency procedure
  • Foreclosure procedure

Our clients’ benefits

  • Protecting the interests of our clients by identifying the best strategies in the litigation managed
  • Vast experience in the receivables legal recovery procedures by applying legal procedures and procedures to better rationalize financial and time resources
  • Using a managing software for the clients’ cases and updating their status which allows a detailed reporting to the clients

Our team

12   Senior Attorneys

From Bucharest, Dolj, Arges and Teleorman Bars

100   Bailiffs

Collaborations on a national level